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You can buy Woodstock instruments at Woodstock Guitars online store, at “Gytarny` Dim” (Гітарний Дім)  shop in Kyiv, having previously checked if the guitar is available, or get it from Authorized Woodstock Dealers.

The Woodstock factory is located in Kyiv.

Yes, beginning with small changes in classic models, ending with a unique instrument. Please contact us here

Alder: rich and saturated sound, with massive lows and nice mids. It has warm tone and good sustain. This kind is traditional for making guitar bodies.

Ash: brighter tone, with balanced warm lows and long sustain. Same as alder, it is traditional for guitar bodies.

Poplar: one of the lightest kinds of wood, it has powerful tone and perfect resonance. Many guitar builders change alder for poplar, for the two kinds are similar in terms of sound balance characteristics.

Mahogany: deep and warm mids, long sustain, smooth attack.

Maple: sharp and ringing sound with bright highs. It is often used for making tops, for the wood is heavy.

Ceramic pickups produce bright and “glassy” sound. They rather focus on mids and highs. AlNiCo provide warmer sound with pronounced lows.

To clean a guitar, wipe it with clean damp cotton cloth dry. For polishing we recommend to use special guitar polish, which is available at our store. We recommend this polish only for glossy guitars. It doesn`t go with matt-topped guitars. In this case you should use a damp cotton napkin. Find more advice on guitar care and storage conditions here.


Both high and low humidity is dangerous for your guitar. We recommend storing a guitar in a room, where the humidity level is between 40-60%. The perfect level is 45-48%. As for the temperature, it should be moderate, because extreme changes may be dangerous.

A truss rod provides the neck geometry, which can change in accordance with strings and guitar key. We recommend adjusting truss rods at Woodstock Authorized Service Centers or Woodstock dealers Service Centers, which have qualified masters. Incorrect adjustment of a truss rod may damage the neck and invalidate Woodstock instrument warranty.

Original parts which are installed on Woodstock guitars are proved and have high quality. They provide playability and positive sound. Still if you want to improve, change or remake your guitar, you may choose the parts in our catalogue and install them at authorized Woodstock Service Centers or Woodstock dealers Service Centers.

Having bought the body, neck and other necessary parts at Woodstock, you may assemble the guitar yourself. Of course, you will need some necessary equipment and skills. You may find a lot of educational information and instructions in the internet, still try to consult the experienced person. If you have questions as for the choice of body, neck and other parts, we will be glad to help you. Write us feedback.

If you need a warranty repair, contact Official Woodstock Dealer, you have purchased your instrument from. The warranty period of any instrument is 2 years. The warranty does not cover the accessories and spare parts. The violation of the rules (storing conditions) invalidates the warranty. The warranty is valid only for the first owner of the guitar and doesn`t cover the positions, mentioned in Exceptions part (read here). The receipt and the Woodstock warranty provide the repair under guarantee.

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